Aiwa software founded on 2005 with head office in Chennai is a custom renowned custom technical software vendor dedicated to providing quality software solution to share marketing. Experienced Team : All of our supporters have been trained in commodity,currency, NSE and forex which makes their knowledge and experience invaluable for trading in commodity and forex. They speak the same language that our clients do. Our developers exthe latest technologies as well as experience in developing technical application for the share marketing industpertise in ry enable us to create an unique highly accurate signals in commodity,forex,stock and option trading. Long term stability : Aiwa software provides an innovative environment for gifted people to trade and grow.
     Our vision for our clients
  Our vision for our people
"To deliver proactive, on-going solutions for our clients ethically respecting their trust in us"
"We expect an unselfish work environment which encourages individual talents, which respects collective knowledge and rewards exceptional achievement."


Do you have a goal?
If you do not have clear goal in your mind or not yet achieved your goal, it's time that you seek professional advice.

Do you work hard to earn money?
Did you skip meals?
Did you skip sleep?
Did you sacrifice family life to earn your wealth?
You have put in lots of effort in earning money and saving it.
What about investing that savings???
Most of us are caught off the guards!! An investment is your second earning member. It's not your Income but your Investment that can help you accomplish many dreams.